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We started our journey over 10 years ago. Since then SIG Aviation has been providing hands-on expertise to the aviation industry. We work pragmatically to ensure our advice matches your needs ... and more. We don't simply put words on paper, we help and assist to implement to satisfaction. You will find us unique, both in knowledge and expertise, as well as in our approach. 

"Some will tell you what you want to hear,

we will tell you what needs to be said."

Aviators will recognize a waypoint in our logo. That is exactly what we intend to provide. Direction and Guidance. Others might recognize a tree in our logo, symbolizing shelter and protection from harm.  Both reflections of our logo represent our goal and mission


Knowledge is what enables a person to visualize the different possibilities when addressing challenges. Different choices lead to different results although the direction might look similar. It takes experience to determine optimal decisions.  

We bring both qualities to the table. 


Sander Starreveld
Founder and Principal

Sander started his career in aviation after completing a study of Aeronautical Engineering and Space Science in The Netherlands., working for KLM and Martinair as an aircraft performance engineer. After the successfully completing the implementation to JAR-OPS, he moved to the Dutch CAA as was appointed as Senior Inspector for various operators including KLM and Transavia. In 2004 he joined a start-up on business aviation as Director of Flight Operations and helped this company to grow to a global operator. Since 2009 Sander started SIG Aviation and has been working as an independent aviation consultant for companies and governments. Currently, he combines his consultancy work with an active role as commander in a worldwide business aviation. 

SIG Aviation Associates

Bert Kraan
Senior Advisor
Wim Ovaa
Ciconia Aviation

Bert's career in aviation started as a pilot on long-range marine patrol aircraft. After retiring from his naval flying career, he moved to the Dutch CAA as Chief Strategy in charge of operational and technical projects. From there, Bert moved to ICAO as a member of the Council on behalf of The Netherlands to develop aviation policies on a global level. Currently, Bert is a member of the board for AVIASIST with the main objective to provide technical assistance to civil aviation in East and Southern Africa subsidizes by Netherlands Ministry of Transport and KLM. 

Wim’s professional career started in the Product Support department at Airbus. After working for the Dutch NAA, he became SAFA program coordinator at the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). He successfully transferred this program (now called EU Ramp Inspection program) to EASA. Subsequently, for SGI Aviation, Wim developed a consultancy and training business in the field of aviation safety regulations, mainly working for NAAs. In his spare time Wim enjoys aviation in all its forms, building new business, meeting new people, maintaining business relationships, and driving his old English sports car.

That's how we roll

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