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With so many clients across a multitude of continents, we are proud to be a part of the great things our clients achieve. No matter the scale of the project we do, it’s always a pleasure to hear that we’ve done a great job.


 We have continued to develop our services throughout the years, with an acceleration in the crisis years, and have evolved from an ‘expert for hire’ to a ‘trusted advisor’ for many of our clients.

We are constantly looking to forge the right relationship with clients to work together to increase the added value of our services. This often starts by asking the right questions and listening to the deeper needs of clients. It also means focusing on clients and their overriding corporate objectives and a shift from merely providing a service to finding a solution.

"Our small, but very capable company would not be able to grow and deliver quality content without requests for support on issues that matter to our clients. None of their questions is ever too small or unimportant for us. 


There is a variety of consultants out there in the global aviation world. However, I am confident that you will find our approach and attention unique."

Sander Starreveld, founder and principal

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