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SIG Aviation has a proven track record in delivering projects related to the operation and oversight of aircraft, training of crew and staff, and the design of procedures and routes. Over the years we have contributed to a significant number of projects. All had one simple thing in common; the practical application of regulations or recommended practices in an operational environment. We consider ourselves experts in applying knowledge to projects, no matter their size.  We are realistic in finding a profitable cost/benefit ratio. After all, we are both in aviation determined to stay and grow in a safe environment. 


Below you will find some examples of our recent signature projects.  Email us if you would like to get a personal referral or more information on these projects.

Delivery of CBT platform for BA company

SIG Aviation implemented an off-the-shelf available CBT platform for business aviation. The platform contains qualitative courses, ranging on topics from Command Upgrade, PBN to cabin safety for hostesses.  In total more than 30 courses are available for a reasonable fixed price per user. The entire implementation was managed by SIG Aviation, leaving the operator to do what they do best - FLY. Think this was expensive? The cost per crewmember per course was lower that an average happy meal. 

Aviation Auditing 2.0 - the management system approach

SIG Aviation, together with business partner Ciconia Aviation Systems, succesfully delivered a tailor made course to Trans Maldivian Airways - the world biggest seaplane operator. The course was developed to cater for TMA's unique type of operation. The goal was to provide lead auditors with tools on how to move away from the historical 'compliance based' verification, to a risk based approach. Packed with practical examples from their own operation, even the participants with 15+ year audit experience now "are more confident in auditing techniques in their respective areas". Contact us for the full letter of recommendation.  

Comprehensive Risk Assessment - Changi Airport

SIG Aviation was subcontracted to perform a comprehensive risk assessment for the taxiway and aircraft stand renaming options, and the corresponding transition plans to affect the implementation of a third runway and development of the Changi East terminal in Singapore. 

The project included assessments of all aircraft ground movements from arrival to departure, including rendered services by ground handling organisations and possible emergency services. 

The work was performed in various stages which included desk research, workshops in Singapore with stakeholders and online surveys. The analysis of the gathered results was done at our offices with teams of airport designers and operational experts.

CAA - Special Operations Approval training

The Maldives Civil Aviation Authority requested a specific three-day training course for Inspectors and industry on the EASA Part-SPA special operations approval process.


This training was organized by SIG Aviation at the clients location and consisted of four modules covering EDTO/ETOPS, PBN, RVSM and LVO operations.   

EASA Part-TSO support - EEU

After the rejection of their EASA Part-TSO application, an eastern-Europe based operator requested support to develop and validate a corrective action plan.   


SIG Aviation provided operational expertise and teamed up with Ciconia Aviation for an on-site verification audit. Our support led to an EASA accepted corrective action plan and the issuing of a Part-TSO approval to this operator.

Development of RNP Approach - Rwanda

Kamembe airport in Rwanda is being refurbished to extend its runway and accommodate bigger aircraft. SIG Aviation has been contracted to provide the design of an RNP approach and departure as part of this upgrade.

We are working together with a variety of experts to ensure the safe operation of aircraft in this challenging environment. 

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